Every aspect of our world is changing.

The educational experience our students need to be successful in life has changed dramatically.

There is no question that technology has touched and changed all of our lives. Our faculty and administration have worked diligently on answering the question:  “How can we most effectively prepare our students to be successful beyond school”?

MPS launched an iPad action research initiative in the fall of 2012.  MPS purchased 570 iPads; they were put into the hands of students and teachers in one grade at each of the seven MPS elementary schools and a targeted program at Central Middle School.  This initiative will assist the district craft our long-term vision for using mobile devices to enhance instruction.

The 2013 Bond Initiative will provide the following:

  1. Mobile devices for all students

  2. Upgrade specialized computer labs

  3. Devices for teachers and administrators

  4. Classroom multimedia systems

  5. Upgraded network infrastructure

  6. Upgraded wireless infrastructure

  7. Security Technology

We have worked hard to craft this initiative to be self-sustaining--designed to provide current, relevant technology to our students and faculty for the next 8-10 years.

Total dollars invested over 8-10 years:  $20,880,000.00

2013 Bond Initiative